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   Come visit our modern Fitness Center. The latest running, cycling, steppers and elliptical machines are at your disposal. The Fitness Center has a TV set to distract while you cover the kilometers. We also offer free weights and machines to sculpt and shape.
   The beneficial effects of sauna have been known for centuries. Time spent in a sauna is a warmth therapy treatment, which makes use of the effects of hot air (temperatures from 70 to 120 C). Under the influence of such temperatures changes occur in our bodies’ heat control systems; skin becomes cleaner and more elastic. Sauna relaxes, beautifies and enables you to recapture your youthful energy.
   Massage is probably the oldest and simplest of therapies. Depending on the desired results, massage can have a stimulatory or calming effect. Varying techniques contribute to a reduction in nervous tension, which in turn allow the body to release muscle, joint and head aches and pains.
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